A city in the center of Italy situated in the green, which find his dimension spreading from the "village" lay down on the hill until the beach of the "lido".

Even the Sea reaches the city only from one side; we can call Tortoreto an island.

In Tortoreto you can enjoy since the early morning hours of a therapeutically atmosphere for your body and soul. Different tonality of twittering, the air charged of resin flavor from lime trees and pines and other fragrant plants awakes your senses. A marvelous and healthy nature, for who search the well being in uncontaminated places. The sobrieties of the urban furnish and the elegance of the many villas in liberty style, which arise the esplanade and richness and various green zones, the town is defined as "Aristocratic and Elegant".

Tortoreto has three kilometers of fine sand beach, large and well-kept, flanked by more than three thousand palms and pines, well-groomed gardens and bikeways, which cover the entire coast and connect to the close towns in the region. These are the power elements of the tourist offer within the variety and quality of his structures, and to the hospitality of the Tourist operators, who has take care generations of European tourists. But there are others elements, who make this tourist locality very attractive, like the season's resorts which offer various activities, the high level of sporting and cultural events and also the numerous small markets and rooms, which rejoice the summer parties.

These are the pieces of Tortoreto's mosaic, ancient and refined how the walls of the historic centre, evocative and brilliant how the full moon evening.





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